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The Panther

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Jump into the future and experience the industry's first-ever full cover 3D nail tips. They will know how to help you stand out on your social networks with their unique style and high-quality details. A sensation of lightness on your fingers, you will never notice their presence, except maybe every time someone makes a fiery comment on your nails! Made of high-quality resin, their solidity will allow you to wear them for 3 weeks!

100% inclusive, our sizes fit everyone!

Made in Canada.


Products Details

¬100% inclusive nail tips, which means we fit ALL nail sizes, and no one is left out!

¬11 sizes (0,7cm to 1,7cm)

¬Available in the quantity of 110, 220, and refill packs of 10.

¬Soak & Remove.

¬Feels very lightweight

¬Strong with light flexibility offering optimal comfort

¬Natural clear finish

¬Lenght that offers versatility

¬Perfectly fitted to cuticles

¬Easy to file and shape

¬Beautifully detailed

¬Thoroughly thought for superior strength

¬Natural adhesion for any type of product

¬3D embossed logo and size under every 3D nail tips

Material: High-quality resin


1. You can wear them for up to 3 weeks with good prep and caring!

2. Do not cut them, this could damage the clear tips. Always file using a regular nail file or an electric file. Wearing a protective mask is recommended for your safety.

3. All techniques work perfectly, no base coat is needed. But an airbrush system is one of the best techniques to use to apply the first layers of colors. Some of our nails contain small details and textures, that is why you need to work with thin but highly pigmented products (for example, acrylic paint).

4. Soaking in acetone will soften your 3D nail tips, making them much easier to file. We highly recommend using an easy to ''soak-off'' product on your natural nails before bonding them, for easier removal.

5. Easy and quick removal! Cut them short. Soak in acetone for 5 minutes. Easily file them down close to the nail bed. Soak again for 5 minutes to remove everything still on your nails and you're done!

6. Appropriate PPE is recommended when filing resin eg. Mask for yourself and client  

Remember, practice makes perfect!