NL Brushless EFILE
NL Brushless EFILE
NL Brushless EFILE
NL Brushless EFILE
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NL Brushless EFILE

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HD Display Rotary Speed & Battery Capacity

High Torque 35,000 RPM

Ultra Smooth Brushless motor, Quiet and

Vibration Free

8-10 Hours Battery Life after 3 Hours Full Charge

Smart Play/Pause Control for easy use

Variable Speed Control

- Forward/Reverse Switch

Smart Safety Overload Protection

Acetone Resistant Finish Control Box with 7 Drill Bits Holder

Smart Charge Base for easy charge on Desktop

Compact Light Weight for easy to carry

Auto Switching 110/220V Volts

ONLY charger provided should be used

Efiles should be serviced every 6months

PLEASE NOTE - you must make sure your handpiece is in the lock position before you turn the Efile on. As the motor is brushless, if you turn the Efile on when the handpiece isn’t locked you will do irreversible damage. This IS NOT covered by warranty.